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MORETIN consultancy

We offer a range of services for talented artists in the field of bass-heavy and electronic music. These services are personalized, specialized and substantiated by our 7 years of experience and knowledge that go from marketing campaign management, optimization of your current music marketing, music performance analyzation, personal artist branding strategies, to one-time album/release guidance. Our services are always well structured, analyzed and aimed to help you grow and navigate in the music industry.



Portrait Martijn


Martijn is our exceptional talent in his expertise in data analysis and algorithms to boost artist's online presence and influence. His ability to turn data into actionable strategies enhances artist reach and engagement, making himm vital in driving successful digital music campaigns.
Portrait Sil


Content Manager
Sil is a creative and excellent project manager with over 3 year of experience, specializing in discovering and nurturing talent in the bass-heavy music industry. His skills are mainly regarding project management, marketing excellence and overall success achievement, embodying the consultancy's mission of growth-oriented, analytical service.
What do we do

Artist and label services

We are proud to be able to help talented artists in building, maintaining, and optimizing their strategies to grow globally. We have a large range of experience, specialization and network that allows us to guide your project optimally.
–      Analyze your music performance, spot your talent and look for opportunities to grow.
–      Offer long term project and campaign management including day-to-day coordination.
–      Offer specialized marketing optimization and strategies for either long term or one time album release by our specialized approach including data analyzing with our own tools, experience, network and knowledge.
–      Maximize engagement with listeners.



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