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*Moretin Pack is for individual creators. If your business or team wants music, you need a Commercial License.



When we grant you a individual creator license we whitelist your YouTube videos so that you do not receive any content-ID claims when using songs in the Moretin release catalog in your videos. You can additionally stream any song in the Moretin release catalog while you are livestreaming on YouTube or Twitch. We will not claim, strike, or monetize any of your content in which you use songs of the Moretin release catalog. More information will be provided to you when we grant you the license.

Please note that we grant individual creator licenses on a case-by-case basis. If you are a business, you require a commercial license. (if you click on commercial license it should open the commercial license section of the page)

No, generally speaking, we do not grant individual creator licenses to music promotion channels of any kind. The individual creator license is intended for individual creators that make original content. As a promotion channel you can nonetheless apply, because there are situations in which we make an exception.

No, you require a commercial license if you want to use songs in the Moretin release catalog for advertising purposes, such as a video advertising campaign, or a video with paid product placement.

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