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Matteo Tura - Trippin’ on Leprechauns

Matteo Tura – Yves Saint Laurent

“Trippin’ on Leprechauns” used for the @yslbeauty campaign The Slim.

Matteo Tura is an innovative electronic music artist known for his unique soundscapes and dark techno beats. In 2020, he released his track “Trippin’ on Leprechauns’ under the independent record label Moretin. Moretin’s comprehensive marketing strategies and efforts played a crucial role in the success of this release.

Project goal: Boost Visibility and Reach

The primary goal of the project was to significantly increase the visibility and reach of Matteo Tura’s release “Trippin’ on Leprechauns” in a highly competitive music market. The challenge was to create a buzz and garner substantial streams on digital platforms while also attracting attention from influential brands.

Project approach: Strategic Marketing Campaign

Moretin implemented a multi-faceted marketing strategy to tackle this challenge. The approach included:

  • Social Media Campaigns: Engaging content and targeted ads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook to create awareness.
  • Algorithmic streams: Optimizing the track for discovery through Spotify’s algorithm, including strategic playlist placements and leveraging metadata to ensure it reaches the right audience.
  • Digital Presence Optimization: Ensuring the track was prominently featured on streaming platforms, playlists, and music blogs.

Project outcomes: Impressive Reach and Exposure

The strategic efforts by Moretin led to impressive results:

  • “Trippin’ on Leprechauns” achieved over 600,000 streams on Spotify.
  • The track’s inclusion in Yves Saint Laurent’s online ad campaign significantly boosted its exposure to a wider and more diverse audience.

Artist Review

Matteo Tura expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating: 

“Working with Moretin was a game-changer for my career. Their innovative approach and relentless efforts not only helped my track ‘Trippin’ on Leprechauns’ reach an impressive number of streams but also facilitated a prestigious collaboration with Yves Saint Laurent. The experience provided invaluable insights into effective music marketing and brand partnerships.”