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Submit your music for placement in our playlists on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and YouTube. You can pitch one track to us to be added to one of our playlists:


Due to the large number of submissions, we ask a small fee for the time we spend listening to your track. Submitting your track does not guarantee placement in a playlist; it does not guarantee a specific position in a playlist; it does not guarantee a specific time that your track will be in a playlist; and, it does not guarantee a specific number of streams. We will give feedback on your submitted track if it is not added to any of the playlists that we curate. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions below as well as the Terms and Conditions before submitting.


Our time is valuable to us, so we ask a fixed fee for the time we spend listening to your track. We guarantee to listen to your track and to make a fair judgment. If the track does not fit any of our playlists, we will give you a reason why so you can take this into account the next time you pitch a track. 

Your payment is non-refundable since you pay us for the service to listen to your track.

We double check each submission to make sure that it has been submitted correctly. If not, we will try to resolve the issue with you by sending you an email. If it has been submitted correctly, we process your submission, listen to the track, send you an invoice by email, and let you know whether or not the track will be added to a playlist. If your track will be added to a playlist, it will be added to this particular playlist on all platforms that we curate this playlist on; currently, these platforms are Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and YouTube.

We do not specify an exact duration that your track will be in a playlist because it depends on the other tracks in the playlist and what we think is best for the active listeners of that playlist. Nevertheless, as we update our playlists once a week, you can expect your track to be in a playlist for at least one week.

Currently, it is only possible to submit one track per form that is submitted. If you wish to submit multiple tracks, you will have to fill out the form (and pay) multiple times. If you submit a link that sends us to a list with multiple tracks, we will listen to only the first track in the list.

The main purpose of the playlists it to showcase releases on the record label. Merely for that reason we do not want to inflate streaming numbers in any way. Besides that, it is against the terms of service of the streaming platforms and counterproductive. Some playlists have more active listeners than others. For example, the Dark Techno & Clubbing 2077 playlist has more active listeners than the Bass Music Essentials playlist. There is also a difference between platforms. We have a larger audience on Spotify and YouTube than on Apple Music and Deezer.

Our audience is, generally speaking, located in Germany, United States, France, Canada, Russia, Poland, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Finland.