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Please fill out the form below to submit your demo; also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions before submitting.

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While we do our best to listen to each submitted demo, we sometimes fail to do so since we are not always actively looking for new artists to sign. We only get back to you when we are interested. If you see that we have not listened to your submission after one month, you are free to re-submit. We would like to stress that you should not feel discouraged if we reject your demo, or fail to listen to it.

If you have more than one track to submit, please make a playlist of your tracks and submit the private SoundCloud link to your playlist.

Please only submit finished works, either mastered or unmastered. We do not listen to any remixes, mashups, bootlegs, previews, and anything that we think contains copyrighted material.

No, this is not required. If we accept your track, there is an option to master your track by our in-house mastering engineer.

No, please only send a private SoundCloud link that links to your submitted tracks. We do not open any other links. We will also not reach out to you when the SoundCloud link does not work, so make sure that it works!

There is no one stopping you from submitting your music to other record labels. We understand it if you submit your music to multiple labels, especially if you take into account the fact that you may not always get a reply when submitting your work. It is nonetheless important that you submit your music to the right record labels. So, please do your research; consider what you bring to the table, and if your sound fits the label. Hint: you can hide the statistics on SoundCloud, meaning that nobody is able to infer whether or not you have sent the track to multiple people.

Please refrain from reaching out to us in any other way to submit demos.  

There are a few things you can take into account before submitting. If you are an artist with a small following, please send us multiple tracks to consider. We prefer to release singles with two tracks or an EP if the artist has a small following. We like to work with artists for an extended period of time; if you like to “shop around”, please consider submitting your music to another label. Make sure that your socials are up-to-date, give an accurate representation of who you are, and are free of profanities. Correspondingly, do not use any unnecessary foul language in the titles of your tracks. If you want to add information about you, your goals, and your music, please keep it succinct and to the point. There are plenty of useful resources online on how to submit your music to record labels, so please read those articles as well.

We will reach out to you via email to let you know that we are interested in releasing your work.

thank you!

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